Just before Christmas, I decided to tackle a new project, one very unfamiliar to me in many ways.  I desperately wanted to do some drawings on my new Cintiq tablet that would be meaningful to me and would take a period of time to complete. I had been doing some images as a collaboration for various tarot decks.  I fell in love with the concept and wanted to make my own deck, using friends and family. 

As a theme for this deck (78 cards), I asked each friend to chose their totem animal as well as give me some background of their history, real or imagined.  In this deck,  I am the Fool...perfect for this venture.  I did not know, or care, what I was getting myself into and now realize it is going to take a looooong time before I complete this project.  Doesn't matter because I am loving every minute of it. 

The Painter program is a wonderful one, except for a few quirks that I have learned to work around.  I adore the Cintiq tablet...it is honestly like working on paper to a certain extent!   Each image takes about 1 to 2 weeks to complete with an additional week for research.

August has been a tough month, in weather conditions and technology problems.  I won't go into weather conditions except that it was great for taking photos of clouds.  Tonight's sky display was luscious!  Vibrant tints of  peaches, apricots, strawberries on creamy clouds with spikes of  lightning.  It was impossible to not take hundreds of photos tonight.

Computers, on the other hand, are currently a muddy shade of murk.  3 weeks of crashes, technicians, loss of files, stalled and unresponsive programs along with  hidden conflicts has led me in search of a new computer.  Linux has been recommended but I am tech-challenged.  Finding a computer that is not loaded with games and media programs is difficult.  A Mac Desktop, my premier choice, is out of my price range. Build-your-own with Windows software is a challenge beyond my range financially or mentally. 

I have fallen in love with photography, especially conceptual.   It is essential for me  to have a computer with programs such as Photoshop and that can handle large files as I am now beginning to work with HDR.  I admit I am addicted to experimenting with dimensional images  and want to try Stereograms in a more complex manner than dots or cartoons.  A computer is an essential tool in this endeavor. 

 August, as it turns out, has been  non-productive for me.  September offers better prospects when I replace my computer which might be in the bottom of the trash barrel by then.
One of my favorite friends requested I place this adjusted photo of one of my paintings  on my blog...This is for you KS!! 
I would enjoy an exchange of  ideas and suggestions with people who are working with limited tools to create art.  For example, in oil painting, tubes of paint and brushes are very expensive as is the canvas.  Has anyone found a workable solution other than buying cheap paints?  My query arises because I am currently limited in my photography.  A good DSLR camera is quite expensive and I am saving my pennies to eventually get one. However, I just cannot stop taking photographs until I can afford it, so I use my cell phone camera.  

I am embarrassed to admit this but I have never "blogged"  or "twittered" or that other one.  It is very strange for me to try to just spiel.  I certainly will give a good old try and maybe I will like it.  It seems that everyone is doing it somewhere and they enjoy it.  Besides, I do believe a lot of information and attitudes are shared and perhaps everyone gets to learn something.  I think this social sharing is a very good thing.  I find I really like it!!!