Keith Graves
06/04/2010 9:50am

I spent the majority of my visit reading and rereading the poem "Visit to the Doctor." This poem resonates on so many levels: Literal, figurative, symbolic, et al.
One feels the descent of the patient into the "world" of uncaring doctors who are too busy, too preoccupied, too caught up in their own elements to provide a full and accurate assessment and recovery plan for the patient. I can feel the chilled air that surrounds the water as the patient symbolically enters the boat to cross the Greek mystical river Styx, in the underworld of Hades.
What a moving poem about the search for an answer to health that ends in (premature?) death. Wrong answers do have consequences.

Keith Graves
06/14/2010 10:37pm

Regarding your new poem, "The Breath of The Rattlesnake," I must admit to having some "inside" information, not about the poem per se, but about some of the references; However, having said that, the poem stands on its own verse and cadance without "knowing" some of the elements first hand.
On the literal level, one can see the speaker looking at photographs, searching the elements captured by camera, hoping to find an invoked feeling of Nirvana. But this search is also where literal and symbolic merge because there is really no Nirvana in the purely physical sense, it is all in our imagination. One can only visit Nirvana in the imagination. When found, it becomes our mental Utopia.
Bugs and rattlesnakes belong to the real world; Nirvana enters through our eyes and takes up residence in our brain.

Judy Miles
06/29/2010 3:20pm

I don't have a comment other than I have googled "Ka Graves" randomly for 6 years; I have emotional/sound memories of a musical where you designed the sets and costumes, I don't remember the play; I can't forget the costumes and set...This website is a treat, and I've just googled after dusting off Madama Papillion, one of my desk ornaments. Thank you!


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