One of my favorite friends requested I place this adjusted photo of one of my paintings  on my blog...This is for you KS!! 


06/10/2010 11:59am
It is my kaleidoscope :-)

Ka Graves
06/10/2010 9:58pm

Sylwia...that is fantastically clever!! How did you ever do that???

Emily Long
08/18/2011 5:39pm

No website - but on facebook. Dear Ka, I ran into you at Trader Joes at Town and Country, Phx. maybe 2 years ago and was so happy to see you and Keith after so many years - since you left all you friends for the desert!!! I just happened to bump into your webpage and am thrilled to find you and enjoy all your photos of you and Keith and your marvelous mystery castle! I would love to visit you there sometime. I cannot believe all your energy and stamina and creativity which seems endless! Love the poem to your brother. I still have my bear mask (rabbbit fur) and lots of pictures of your amazing "family" installation of yore at the old Tempe Arts Center! Please stay in touch!
Love and hugs, Emily


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