I would enjoy an exchange of  ideas and suggestions with people who are working with limited tools to create art.  For example, in oil painting, tubes of paint and brushes are very expensive as is the canvas.  Has anyone found a workable solution other than buying cheap paints?  My query arises because I am currently limited in my photography.  A good DSLR camera is quite expensive and I am saving my pennies to eventually get one. However, I just cannot stop taking photographs until I can afford it, so I use my cell phone camera.  

I am embarrassed to admit this but I have never "blogged"  or "twittered" or that other one.  It is very strange for me to try to just spiel.  I certainly will give a good old try and maybe I will like it.  It seems that everyone is doing it somewhere and they enjoy it.  Besides, I do believe a lot of information and attitudes are shared and perhaps everyone gets to learn something.  I think this social sharing is a very good thing.  I find I really like it!!!


06/04/2010 12:25am

Very impressive, love the use of colors and creativity. I love the communion series, very appealing. It's art where you can watch for hours and find new thing you like all the time, very well done. Also your website is very clean and nice, good job!


06/04/2010 1:34am

hi ka
what a great blog :)))))
i love the art :)))))
the photo`s remind me a lot about my out of body experiences.,.,such a great great page and gorgeous digital art
good luck with it
congrats :)
,kfir !!

Jackie Slater
06/04/2010 11:13am

Ka, I really love the kaliescope type feel to your work. I am artistic, but I have no training. I do admire what you have done! I will check back on your web site progress.

Mark Schoberg
06/06/2010 8:21am

Hi Ka, I'm really enjoying your art and photography.

There are ways of making your own waterborne paints, but it's pretty complex and they spoil quickly in a liquid form. Making oil paints would be mighty difficult, but it would give a piece of art, somehow, a personal touch, knowing you made the paints.

I love photography and I wish I could afford the more expensive equipment, but recently I bought a Canon A490 for $99. You'd be surprised at the features packed into some of the cheaper cameras. It pays to do some research, because they all have unique features. Some of them are complete junk! But I'm thrilled with my cheapo. After having it for awhile, I'm realizing it's limitations.

But I'm also realizing it's easy to run out of subjects or ideas to photograph. Had I bought a much more expensive camera, and then the extra equipment needed to maximize it's capabilities, I may have spent a lot of money on something that can quickly become obsolete. The technology is very much like computers. As soon as you buy one, a new model comes out with better features.

I'd suggest browsing Amazon.com and reading the camera reviews for equipment in your price range. You may find a much cheaper camera with many of the features you'd like. I'd also suggest, if you find a camera on Amazon that you like, try to purchase it from a local source. Even if it costs a bit more, you can return it much easier then returning it through Amazon.

I'll keep a watch on your blog for thrilling updates. Be happy, healthy and safe…. Mark


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